Larson Electronics LLC Releases A New Series of LED Light Packages for Agricultural Equipment

LED Light Package for Agricultural Equipment

We’ve made sure that this series of LED light packages has been equipped with affordable high-illumination LEDs that are able to last through the many harsh conditions encountered out in the fields.

Larson Electronics LLC, a leading industrial lighting company, announced the release of a new series of LED Light Packages for Tractors and other Agricultural Equipment to be added to its catalog of products this week. These LED light packages have been made as complete upgrade kits for heavy-duty farm equipment such as: tractors, bulldozers, and combines.

Lights for dedicated use in agricultural environments require a higher level of durability than most traditional lights. This series of LED light packages for tractors and other equipment feature bright CREE LED work lights and flood lights designed to withstand the rough treatment and demanding conditions that are often encountered within many agricultural environments. Each of these packages has been specially designed for complete illumination and reliability. The ability to withstand harsh working conditions, combined with the long-life span of each LED, enables operators to work sun up to sun down without encountering many of the risks associated with dim lighting conditions.

Each of these LED light packages has been assembled to include most of the lighting tools necessary for heavy agricultural machine use. An example of a few of the options offered are the LLP-JD-TR-7230-CLU and LLP-JD-CB-9610-CLU tractor upgrade kits. The LLP-JD-TR-7230-CLU upgrade kit features four LED flood lights and two work lights. Each flood light is mounted around the cab of the tractor, while each of the work lights are mounted as headlights. Every LED light within this specific package features IP67 rated construction and is designed to withstand rough treatment. These LED lights all feature a trunnion mount for easy, pain free installation. The second light kit mentioned is the LLP-JD-CB-9610-CLU upgrade package. This kit comes with just six LED work lights. Each of these LEDs are mounted within existing lamp holders around the cab and body of the farm equipment. These LED light bars are equipped with a clear polycarbonate lens for close range illumination, and feature a lamp life expectancy of 50,000+ hours. These are only 2 examples of the current LED retrofit kits that are provided. Larson Electronics LLC also provides customers with the option to customize any light package to fit their specific wants and needs.

“Waiting for the sun to come up to start work isn’t an option for many, especially our farmers,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC.” We’ve made sure that this series of LED light packages has been…

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