Kshama Sawant, Seattle’s Socialist City Councilwoman, encourages Seahawks to sign Kaepernick


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Seattle’s socialist City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant sent a letter to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and owner Paul Allen encouraging them to sign San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Sawant announced the letter in a press release Friday. However, in her letter she misidentified Carroll’s title. He is the coach and executive vice president of football operations. John Schneider is the general manager and executive vice president.

Her letter to Allen came only two days after she called him out by name at a press conference saying, “Vulcan and Allen are key players in the private development process that is turning Seattle into a playground for the rich.”

Last season, Kaepernick angered some fans and found support from others after he refused to stand during the Star Spangled Banner.

Sawant called his actions courageous and reminiscent of the stance for black freedom on a podium at the 1968 Olympic Games and Muhammad Ali’s refusal to fight in Vietnam.

Below is the full text of Sawant’s letter that she sent to reporters Friday afternoon:


“Dear Seattle Seahawks General Manager Pete Carroll and Owner Paul Allen;

“I am writing to convey that Colin Kaepernick would be welcome in Seattle, and to encourage you to take the opportunity to sign him as the Seahawks’ backup quarterback.

“I am not a football expert, but everything I have read strongly suggests that the only reason a player with Kaepernick’s skills is still a free agent is because of the backlash against his courageous leadership last year against racism, brutality, and discrimination. If that makes other teams wary of signing him, shame on them. In Seattle, we know our communities will only benefit from his activism as well as his talents on the field.

“As you know, Colin Kaepernick has been widely recognized as a leader amongst professional athletes for speaking out on social justice issues that are vital to the lives and livelihoods of regular working people, many of whom are Seahawks fans. His courage in openly and defiantly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement is not without precedent; indeed, it is reminiscent of Tommie…

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