Know about silk lamination in printing press

Silk lamination is a post press process of finishing a printed product. It makes a printed surface soft, silky to touch, water-resistant and tear-resistant. It also compliments vibrant colors with a unique feel and texture. The way it enhances the appeal of a printed material is appreciated worldwide.

It was not very long back when silk lamination was introduced in the printing market. Earlier it was popular in Asian countries but was quite costly. However, with the advancement of technology price has dropped down and presently it is affordable. Today, this technique is used for variety for marketing collateral material such as business cards, brochures, post cards, etc.

Silk lamination is widely commended for marketing collaterals and the reason is its ability to offer extravagant feel to the printed surface. For any marketing collateral, its primary goal is to leave a memorable impression on clients and reflect high caliber of a business. Also the printed material should convey message clearly and effectively. Quality and finishing is something which cannot be compromised at any cost and silk lamination is one that meets all these requirements.

Silk lamination is very good alternative of glossy finishes. Reason is though glossy finishes make a printed surface shine, but they don’t create soft silky feel, unlike silk lamination. Its effect, feel and texture can be noticed immediately at a glance and touch. Such impression is a blessing for marketers as they don’t have to insist hard in convincing clients on the type of quality of their services. Half of the job is already done once a business card is handed over to them.

Another benefit of silk lamination is that it provides waterproof and tear resistant surface. I means that the marketing material went through this press technique will not lose its quality and life early. Obviously, such durability will save you money in long run.

Whilst silk lamination itself has so many qualities, it can do wonder…

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