Kemin Launches Color Protection Simulator

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Kemin Industries, a leading provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions for food and beverage industries, has added a new color protection simulator to its website for their North America Food Technologies division. The new digital slider tool illustrates color loss over time in an 80/20 fresh, ground beef, and allows users to compare various antioxidants and see the protection that could be achieved by adding a Kemin antioxidant solution.  

“We developed the color protection simulator so the industry could utilize the easily accessible tool to visually see the process of color degradation and how various plant extracts can protect and extend color,” said Courtney Schwartz, Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Food Technologies. “The calculator highlights the color degradation process from day one through day ten, and showcases results of untreated protein versus several antioxidant solutions. This tool can help manufacturers determine the optimal antioxidant solution to meet their desired shelf life needs.”

The color protection simulator showcases the following Kemin antioxidant solutions:

  • Fortium® R: A complete line of rosemary extract-based antioxidants designed for maximum effectiveness against color and flavor degradation. These products provide a consumer-friendly alternative to traditionally used synthetic antioxidants such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) or Tertiary-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ).
  • Fortium® RGT: A versatile and proprietary blend of rosemary and green tea extracts that extend shelf-life. This blend provides superior antioxidant protection without negatively impacting flavor, color and odor profiles. When treated on an equal cost basis, a rosemary/green tea extract combination is a more effective consumer-friendly solution than rosemary or green tea extracts alone.
  • NaturFORT® ARGT: A unique blend of acerola,…

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