Katherine Heigl talks new thriller ‘Unforgettable,’ overcoming ‘mommy guilt’ Video

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We are here now with Katherine Heigl and she’s — Plays an angry ex-wife in the new thriller “Unforgettable” and upset her ex is getting remarried in this clip she confronts the other woman. Take a look. This is really difficult for everyone but it doesn’t have to actually be this hard. I’m not doing anything, Julia. I am simply living my life with my family. If you’re having a hard time I suggest you look in the mirror. No. I know exactly what it is that you are trying to do. And I am not going to let you put Lilly in the middle of this anymore. Are you threatening me? Yes. Ooh. Ah. Oh. That look, I saw the switch. Yeah, yeah, yeah you. Went off the deep end in this — Just a smidge unhinged. But you got to play somebody who was really evil in a — was that fun for you because we’ve never seen you play that. It was fun. I know that sounds weird but there’s a real freedom to someone who is not a people pleaser and not bending over backwards. All about Tessa and what she wants. A severe look your character has and did you like that, as well. Well, no, it’s really uncomfortable. Like I am right now, sit so straight when you’re wearing tight dresses all the time and suck it in and hold your shoulders back and the hair was always me tickously groomed so at night it was like putting it back in a ponytail and putting my leggings on. There’s a big congratulations in toward. You just had a baby boy. I did. Congratulations. Thank you. Yeah. It’s been a whirlwind year. What’s been the toughest part about having a baby — There’s my fella. Nothing like a baby. I feel like I can smell him through the picture. What’s the hardest thing about working and being on the road. Right now it’s spep complicated because the girls are in school so they’re staying home but the baby needs me to eat, survive. So he comes with me and I feel this — I mean I think with every mother it’s this sort of perpetual mommy guilt like you’re not nailing it and to mess up his schedule and travel because of me feels selfish but honestly I’m going to smack myself and get over that because I’m doing my very best so — You absolutely are. You really are and that’s all mothers can do. Just do your best. And you have four kids at home. And your husband Josh — I heard he likes to embarrass the kids a little bit. How does he embarrass the kids. He plans it out. It’s amazing. My niece lives with us a freshman in high school so he has to drive her — we live in a community community so the bus stop is a mile down the road. He has to drive her there every morning and gets up at 6:00 A.M. I have to give him so many props. He puts on my pink robe and drives her down to the bus stop and gets out of the car to wave her off in his pink robe. Have a great day, Maddie. She loves it. All her friends on the bus love it. I’m sure she’s begging him to stay in the car. Just begging him. We got a gift for him…

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