Italian family killed in volcanic field were on trip as ‘last holiday break,’ relatives say

Friends and relatives of the Italian family who died after falling into a steamy volcanic crater Tuesday said the couple’s sons had asked to visit the site on the last day of their vacation.

Authorities identified the parents as Massimiliano Carrer, 45, and Tiziana Zaramella, 42. Their son was identified only as Lorenzo. Italian news agency ANSA said the family was from the town of Meolo in northeastern Italy, near Venice, but Zaramella was originally from Turin.

“The little ones wanted to see the volcanoes,” an unidentified female relative told the Corriere Del Veneto newspaper. “They had studied at school, and their parents wanted to give them this gift. It was the last one.”

Police said Lorenzo apparently slipped after he breached a fence surrounding the prohibited area at the Solfatara Crater in Pozzuoli.

“They had created a strong bond with the birth of their two children,”…

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