‘It has a tremendous impact’: Calgary auto repair shop gives cars to needy single parents – Calgary

A northwest auto repair shop is finding cars, fixing them and giving them to needy single-parent Calgarians, and one of the owners says everyone gets a little something out of it.

“The idea came to me when a friend of mine came into the shop,” Justin Knibbe of Knibbe Automotive Repair told CBC News.

“Her husband had left her with three very young children. She came in to get her van fixed. It needed some brake work.”

But then something interesting happened.

“Some of the employees said, ‘I want to take care of this for her,’ and they gave their own money to fix this vehicle for a friend of mine that they barely knew because they saw the situation she was in.”

Co-owner Justin Knibbe of Knibbe Automotive Repair says a program to donate cars to needy Calgarians gives a little something to everyone involved. (Dennis Genereux/Radio-Canada)

So they made it a project.

Sometimes an existing customer will sell the shop a car at a great deal. Mechanics will work on their own time in the evenings to get it in tip-top shape. Other businesses will contribute their labour for free, too.

“We have access to cars that we can buy, we can fix cars on our own time. So this is just one way we are able to give back,” Knibbe explained.

Managing partner Joe Kirk says it’s about connecting expertise with need.

“It really just has to do with helping people out that just don’t have the means to do it themselves either through money or time,” Kirk said.

Managing partner Joe Kirk says it’s about connecting expertise with need. (Dennis Genereux/Radio-Canada)

“They just don’t know how to fix a vehicle properly, where we can do that. If you can do that kind of thing, I think it’s what you have to do as a decent human being. We can do more here.”

Kirk says everyone at the shop in Crowfoot Crossing has really embraced the idea.

“We have very good customers and very good technicians and employees like Fred, staying after hours to do work on…

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