Is A Wall Bike Rack Your Best Solution?

Bike clutter in the garage is usually the trade-off for a family of cycling enthusiasts but there are a number of ways you can store your two-wheelers safely out of the way and claim back valuable space.

The many options available to you include:

  • Floor bike stands
  • Ceiling mounted bike lifts
  • Gravity bike stands
  • Floor to ceiling bike storage racks
  • Bike hooks
  • Wall mounted bike racks

Floor bike stands

Floor stands are especially suitable for young children as lifting and positioning of bikes is negligible. Regrettably they take up a lot of room and if you live in a cold climate it’s not recommended to leave bikes resting on concrete floors for extended periods as damage may occur to tires and seals.

Ceiling mounted bike lifts

Fairly easy to install and safe to use, a ceiling mounted lift and pulley system could be an option if your garage has limited floor space and a high ceiling. Just make sure the location you choose allows hassle-free access to bicycles when the family car is parked inside the garage.

Gravity bike stands

A gravity rack is designed to stand independently or to rest up against a wall and let gravity do the rest. Intended to accommodate two or more bikes this is an appropriate choice if you prefer not to drill holes in the wall and you like to move things around from time to time.

Floor to ceiling bike storage racks

Suitable for use against a flat, solid ceiling this tension mounting system will extend to heights from 7 ft to 11 ft (213.4 cm x 335.3 cm). It is designed to store two bicycles, one on top of the other. To be expected a child will need an adult’s help to reach the top bike.

Bike hooks

Modern bicycles should be stored on brackets or suspended from hooks that are specifically manufactured for that purpose. They need to be made from hard-wearing, scratch resistant material so your bike’s finish is protected and its weight adequately supported. Some lifting and positioning is required when using these fixtures.

Wall mounted bike racks

Horizontal wall bike rack. There are many different types of wall mounted bike racks to choose from. Some are stylish as well as functional. The most popular is the horizontal type. This is where the bike frame is supported by two arm-shaped brackets (or similar) and its wheels positioned just above and parallel to the floor. This type of rack provides immediate access to your bike so you can take off for a ride whenever the mood strikes you. Models designed for two require bikes to be placed in alternating directions for ease of storage. Sufficient wall space is a necessity.

Vertical wall bike rack. This type of rack will suspend one or many bicycles alongside each other at right-angles to the wall. Commonly the front wheel is held with a rubber coated arm and the rear wheel rests on a tray or inside a track. Some types of vertical racks make it possible to hang or to swing the bicycle so the frame is positioned flush against the wall; an ideal solution when space is at a…

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