Interesting And Demanding Life in a PR agency

Life in a PR agency is not for the introvert, hesitant or dull. It is also not for the ones that cannot do without their sleep every night because the PR world is quite a creative, vibrant, andhas a busy working environment as it is meant for positive, creative and smart-phone enthusiastic characters. Though quite contrary from people`s perception, PR agency job is not all about exciting and stylish parties or getting to spend hours tweeting and facebook-ing. It is quite hard and hassled but eventually quite gratifying.

So when friends and family idle away their time in offices or factory floors watching the clock gradually tick by, the PR executive will be imagining about attractive campaign catchphrases, assembling lively press statements, rushing to convey goodies to media and scheming presentations to share on twitter or FB. Infact, they are the individuals who are busy thinking about concepts and ideas on their iPhones when they are out with buddies or amid a meal in an…

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