Institute for Systems Biology and Arivale “Pioneer 100 Study” Establishes Foundation for New Industry of Scientific Wellness

SEATTLE–()–The Institute for Systems Biology and Arivale, Inc., announced today
results from their Pioneer 100 Wellness Project (P100), a nine-month
study of 108 individuals, demonstrating that combining personal, dense,
dynamic data clouds with tailored behavioral coaching can optimize
wellness for individuals. These data clouds also can identify early
transitions into disease states and facilitate the reversal of some
disease states back to wellness. The new approach tested in this study
represents the foundation for the launch of a new industry – Scientific

“Just as the Hubble Telescope provided a new view into the universe,
these data sets have been transformational in providing new insights
into both human biology and disease,” said Leroy Hood, MD, PhD,
president and co-founder of the Institute for Systems Biology, and
senior vice president & chief science officer, Providence St. Joseph
Health. “We have termed this quantitative and transformational approach
Scientific Wellness, which enables individuals to improve their health
and wellbeing, while generating the data necessary to optimize wellness
as well as avoid or slow down the transition into certain disease

The study included whole genome sequencing, the analyses of blood,
urine, stool, and saliva samples collected every three months, and
digital personal measurements of activity. Study investigators created
personal, dense, dynamic data clouds for each participant and conducted
an integrated analysis of six different types of data. The analysis
included correlation of whole genome sequencing results with
measurements over time of proteins, metabolites, microbiome, clinical
assays and lifestyle metrics.

This study, published online in…

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