Inside Forensics: learning about forensic anthropology at SIUC


When you’re watching CSI or NCIS they give you a peek into the life of a forensic anthropologist.

But, here in the Heartland, we have our own version.

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale houses one of the only decomposition research facilities in the world.

Gretchen Dabbs is an associate professor in Forensics at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

“It doesn’t take an hour. That’s for sure,” said Dabbs,

She’s also the Director of CFAR, the Complex for Forensic Anthropology Research.

More commonly known as a body farm.

“We don’t use the term body farm,” said Dabbs.

What do they call it?

“An outdoor decomposition research facility,” said Dabbs.

It’s a program Dabbs helped build from the ground up.

“We’re mainly focused on understanding how bodies decompose on the surface in Southern Illinois,” said Dabbs.

Dabbs said through their, and other facilities research, they’ve found just a slight difference in location can change…

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