Incorrect use of asthma inhaler could waste medication

Rice University electrical engineers and a Baylor College of Medicine doctor conducted a small study that reveals something huge for asthma and COPD patients.

With 23 participants, they discovered every single one of them is using an inhaler wrong. They say that means you probably are, too.

There’s an estimated 17.7 million Americans struggling with asthma, according to the director of the Ben Taub Asthma Clinic, Dr. Nick Hanania.

“The whole maneuver is very short, it’s very hard to actually quantify by looking with the eye what the patient is doing,” Hanania said.

That’s why Rice University electrical engineering PhD student, Rajoshi Biswais, made a mechanical mouth, throat and lungs to better address the problem.

“You can program it at different flow rates so it can completely mimic how patients actually breathe while using the inhaler,” Biswais said.

She and her professor found that the timing of pressing the inhaler versus when…

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