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A multidisciplinary team of researchers from University of Oregon, Stanford and Dartmouth have co-developed a new digital archive. The collection contains nearly 4,000 drawings, prints, paintings and photographs of historic Rome from the 16th to 20th centuries that are now available online to the public. The Rodolfo Lanciani Digital Archive brings together pieces collected by Lanciani, a renowned Roman archaeologist, and reflect Rome’s transformation over the centuries. The physical collection is housed in the Palazzo Venezia. 

UO architecture Professor James Tice, principal investigator for the Rodolfo Lanciani Digital Archive, notes the project makes accessible a precious archival collection and demonstrates how similar materials can be made available to scholars, students and the general public through the digital humanities.” 

Porto di Ripetta

Erik Steiner, co-director of the Center for Textual and Spatial Studies (CESTA) at Stanford, observes, this is part of our long-term ambition to bring one of the most documented cities in the world to the digital age. The project marries intense scholarly interest in Rome with best practices and tools built by the Stanford Libraries.

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