How Well Do You Know Your Employees?

An employer-employee relation is quite special, both of them stand to gain or lose a lot from each other. Astrology can help you understand your employees better which in turn can help build trust and loyalty among your employees and strengthen your bond.

Given below is the employee characteristics peculiar to people belonging to the different zodiacs.

Motivation and appreciation is what the Arian wants. Give him that and he will work happily without complaining. They have an eye for detail and do tasks assigned to them meticulously. They make excellent troubleshooters; there is no problem that the Arian cannot solve.  

Taureans are exceptionally hard working and prefer stability over changes. Having a Taurean employee is definitely an asset for your business. He is diligent and doesn’t mind working late. But, if you don’t recognize and give him credit for his hard work, the bull will come charging on you with its sharp horns.

Gemini has an inherent tendency to be overzealous. Communication is their forte, which is why they do well in jobs which require them to express themselves. They do not shy away from problems and are adept at handling difficult situations effectively. Whenever there is a crisis Gemini’s are usually the first ones to act on it and resolve the problem swiftly.

Cancerians just cannot take stress. Most of their time is spent in ensuring that there is peace and harmony in the work place. They do complete their work on time, but their main priority is building a happy environment. Always the one to be helping others with their problems, Cancerians bring in stability to the office environment.

Oh yes, the lion roars and how! Don’t take your Leo employee for granted. Not someone to settle with a low profile job, typical Leos seek the kind of respect and appreciation that comes with high flying jobs. Even if they aren’t the boss, their personality is so strong and powerful that not only their colleagues but even their seniors are forced to bow down to their influential demeanor.

Virgos prefer to work alone. Team work is not their cup of tea. As they are blessed with a creative mind, their work is replete with creativity. Give a simple task to the Virgo and he will come up with the most innovative result.

The most charming of all sun signs, Librans know how to impress others. They may not be your fastest workers, but they do make sure that once they complete their work it has no mistakes. There balancing nature comes in handy while dealing with problems.

Scorpions take their work very seriously and stay away from office politics. To them their work is the main priority and anything that comes in its way should be avoided. They are clear headed and know what they are capable of achieving and leave no stone unturned to get what they want.

Sagittarians are easy going and fun to work with. Sometimes they take up more than what they can handle. This often leads…

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