how to take care of your leather hiking boots



Ok so you’ve just spent a mini fortune on your new pair of hiking boots, so does that guarantees that they will last longer and stay comfortable for years to come? No, I’m afraid it’s not that simple, these boots are an investment and you are going to need to protect your investment. This article was designed to help you keep those new boots looking and feeling like new every time you wear them. Letting you use them for years to come.


You see the hiking boots need to hold together while facing serious environmental abuse; like rocks fields and water damage. Hiking boots are designed to resist all of these factors, but soon that water proof coating and resistant leather begins to wear away causing your boots to deteriorate faster and faster. You need to clean and maintain your boots constantly to help them last for years to come.


The first thing you need to do when your new boots come through the door is break them in. when you stretch out the leather making it more flexible to your feet making the more comfortable before a walk or hike. This is a very important step because you can get painful blisters from uncomfortable boots, which can get a secondary infection and cause a whole mess of problems for you. Just walk them around the house or to work now and then, too slowly get used to them.


When you first get your hiking boots the first thing you should do is waterproof them. Yes, Even if your boots already has water proofing features. You need to either read the user guide that came with your boots, or check on the manufactures website for specific information. 


You need to add a waterproof coating to your boots, even if they are already waterproof. The specific product to use varies consult the manufacturers website to get the one to suit your specific boots. 

In general leather uses a wax coating; you need to completely cover your boot with this stuff, paying extra attention to the seams. This will act as an…

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