How to Choose the Best Recovery House in California



If you want to truly recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction, you need to check yourself into rehab. However, that is only one part of the equation. To ensure total recovery, sober living is a must. The word “must” here is not to be taken lightly. Those who leave rehab are always at risk of relapse. You can greatly reduce your odds of relapsing by living in a sober environment.

But how exactly can you choose the best sober living facility, especially if you are in Los Angeles? Most will ask for a referral from their rehab counselors, while others would scour the web or ask help from their family and friends. At the end of the day, the best recovery house will be one where you can commit to being a better and sober you.

Many rehab counselors will note that sober living homes are of paramount importance to those in recovery. For those that leave rehab but do not enter into a transitional living arrangement, the potential for staying sober is next to…

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