How to Change Your Laptop Energy Power Plan In Windows 8

Windows 8 features an almost completely redesigned interface that has changed the way users complete even some of the more basic tasks inherent in the operating system. For example, users of the Windows 7 operating system could change the power plan on a laptop computer by going through a dedicated application in the Control Panel. While Windows 8 users still have to use a dedicated application to change the power plan on their device, the steps that you have to take to achieve that goal are a bit different on Microsoft’s newest software. The main difference comes thanks to the fact that the Windows 8 “desktop” will likely be completely unfamiliar to users of Windows 7. However, as you navigate your way through your new operating system you will soon realize that the major changes are largely cosmetic. All of the options that you have come to rely on still exist. It is only the look and feel of those options that has been changed.

Step 1

Move your laptop’s cursor to the far right side of the screen to open the “Charms” bar on your Windows 8 desktop. Once opened, select the “Settings” option from the bottom of the vertical column running along your computer’s screen. A new menu of options will appear over top of the existing “Charms” bar interface. Click the option labeled “Control Panel” one time to open the Control Panel on your Windows 8 laptop computer.

Note that if you’re using Windows 8 on a touch screen device you can also access the same menu by sliding your finger to the right side of the screen at any time.

Step 2

Click the button labeled “Category” in the upper right corner of the Windows 8 Control Panel window and select the option reading “Large Icons.” The Control Panel will now rearrange to display information in the “Large Icons” view. Locate and open the “Power Options” icon to view a list of all the energy power plan configurations that…

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