How quality sealers can protect marble or granite?

Sealers are used to protect the tiles and the grout in between the tiles from staining, deterioration, weathering affect, salting affect and naturally occurring problems related to stones. If sealers are not used you risk your marble to a permanent ugly stain! So the first need is to properly install and then to protect the stone on regular basis.

The things which can commonly cause the damage are oils, chemicals, salts, vinegar and citrus juices, red wine, sauce, even milk. To protect the natural beauty of marble used in flooring, countertops, mantles and many other architectural designs it is important to understand the different types of marble sealers available. Marble sealers can provide extra protection from staining, chipping, distorting due to moisture absorption and even from cracking.

There are different types of natural stone sealers to choose from and yet again you have to use the sealers specially manufactured for the type of stone.

Below are generic types of sealers available:

Topical Sealers: These are basically used to add the layer of sealant on the surface of the marble. Topical sealers are liquid in nature and could be applied with a soft cloth. This gives an added protecting layer as a glossy slick finish will be formed on the surface. The main usage of topical sealers is towards the applications of internal installations. This helps in protecting the top layer from water, oil and other liquid contaminants. Topical sealers wear down quickly enough hence require frequent re-application throughout the year. Since they are used on the top of the stone, two subtypes are available. Strippable and permanent among these most of the strippable sealers are not designed for granite and none of the permanent sealers are designed for granite! Hence you should use sealers specifically designed for the type of the stone.

Penetrating Sealers:These sealers function by penetrating inside the stone i.e. marble, granite or any other natural stone. Hence they act as repellant to the moisture which comes in contact with the surface. Penetrating sealers are ideal for both internal and external applications and most suitable for entryways, kitchen countertops, bathroom floors etc. These sealers are chemicals which bond with the porous structure of marble or granite and helps in not forming the stains.

Impregnating Sealers:These belong to penetrating sealers type. Impregnating Sealers are the most durable ones as they permanently bond with the stone to which it is applied. They penetrate the stone much deeper than normal penetrating sealers. Hence these sealers are usually used in external applications to help resist the effects on the stones (marble, granite etc) due to weather.

Stone care products are very important to keep the beauty of the marble or granite intact. One shouldn’t wait to do the sealing until the staining starts on marble or granite. Instead it is a good practice to seal the stone regularly so that the stains and spotting…

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