Homeowners Need to Ask Questions Before Wasting Money on Treatment to Control Emerald Ash Borer According to Giroud Tree and Lawn

Emerald Ash Borers are killing Ash Trees. Here’s a healthy Ash tree that has been protected from Emerald Ash Borers for 2 years. The neighbor’s Ash was not treated and is dead.

In good conscience, a company should not take money from homeowners for treatments that do not fully protect a tree from Emerald Ash Borer

Many homeowners are looking for ways to keep Emerald Ash Borer from destroying beautiful Ash trees. Several treatments are available but effectiveness varies from minimal protection to almost complete control. Additionally, some Ash may be too damaged to respond to treatment. Giroud Tree and Lawn answers the questions homeowners need to ask about Emerald Ash Borer control and whether or not it’s worth the money.

“Emerald Ash Borer kill Ash trees so quickly that homeowners shouldn’t waste money on treatment unless the tree is still in good health,” advises Lou Giroud, president of Giroud Tree and Lawn and ISA Certified Arborist. “Giroud will not treat an Ash tree unless 70% of the crown is healthy. In cases where more than 30% of the crown has died, the odds of success are too low to justify treatment. As the tree continues to decline, it will rapidly become brittle and a safety hazard.”

In a quest to find the best treatment options, researchers have exhaustively studied Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). “Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash,” presents conclusions from over a decade of research by four universities. This research confirms that: “Emamectin benzoate consistently provides at least two years of EAB control with a single application, even in large and very large trees under intense pest pressure. It also provided a higher level of…

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