Here’s what foods are dangerous for dogs

Big puppy dog eyes can get just about anything they want when they appear at the side of the dinner table—but that doesn’t mean they should. The wrong food scrap could cause symptoms that provoke a panicked call to the Pet Poison Helpline or a rush visit to the local veterinary office.

“We see animals for ingesting all sorts of stuff,” said Dr. John de Jong, president-elect of American Veterinary Medical Association and practitioner at the Newton Animal Hospital in Boston. “They present for vomiting, diarrhea, other issues like hematuria and ataxia—meaning that they are off on their walk—because of various toxicities.”

If you’re going to feed Fido directly from your plate, de Jong recommends practicing common sense and moderation.


“See what your animal can tolerate in small doses, because every animal is different,” he said.

And proceed with most caution around this seemingly harmless set of eight table scraps, foods that are dangerous for dogs, which actually cause most of the toxicities and internal damage that vets see regularly.

Leftover Bones

Just because your dog regularly chews on bones, doesn’t mean you can throw it a bone from your meal, too. It’s a…

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