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(Courtesy: Brain Balance Center of Miami)

Is your child struggling? Have you tried numerous programs or have had tutoring help, but your child continues to have a lack of focus or impulsivity issues along with behavioral complaints from their school? Do they exhibit low academic success in one or more subjects?  Are you exhausted or feel guilty that you are doing something wrong when it comes to helping your child?

Whether it is in academics, behavior, low-self-esteem or social/communication struggles, your child may be lagging behind their peers in development and maturity. Current society puts a lot of pressure on parents and on their children to succeed, and today many parents can suffer from “overwhelm syndrome.”

This scenario is not likely to change in the near future if you don’t take correct action now.

As part of ongoing brain research we know that a child must form brain connections (neuropathways) that function as “highways of communication” within the brain from the ages of birth to adult. The more your child can form in the proper timeline steps, the better your child’s abilities and maturity level will be, thus allowing them to better perform and cope. In ADHD this lack can take many forms:

The Many Faces of ADHD:  Type 1 ADHD includes inattention without hyperactivity and Type 2 ADHD label shows up as hyperactivity behavior, but these diagnosis’ may also include disorganization, lack of follow through, paying attention, slow to process information, impulsive actions or speech, and/or restlessness.

Research is showing that many of these symptoms DO NOT IMPROVE WITH TIME. Instead they become hidden reasons for areas of struggle AS A CHILD BECOMES AN ADULT.

Physical impulsivity or constant movement can turn into verbal impulsivity as an adult (saying the wrong things or speaking out of turn; interrupting others excessively), or inattention may turn into inability to stay focused at a job, impatience with others, or difficulty…

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