Hat. Rabbit. Spy Cam? Claims of Skulduggery at a Hot Magic Show

That man was David Meade, a mentalist based in Northern Ireland with a thriving corporate speaking career and several BBC specials under his belt. After the show, the house manager asked to inspect his iPhone and found no recordings.

But word of the incident — which was captured on a video the technician shot off the security monitor using his own smartphone — began spreading through the insular world of magicians, and a few days later Mr. Meade received a text message from a mutual connection of his and Mr. DelGaudio’s, saying he had been “warned” about Mr. Meade.

Mr. Meade promptly sent a Facebook message to Mr. DelGaudio, whom he does not know personally, but received no reply. In the Facebook message, Mr. Meade expressed bafflement over the claim of surreptitious filming, a sentiment he repeated in an email to The New York Times.

“As the usher checked and can attest, I had absolutely zero video, photo or audio recordings from Derek’s show,” he said. “I want to be absolutely clear. I categorically refute these claims.”


Mr. DelGaudio in his show “In & Of Itself,” at the Daryl Roth Theater.

Caitlin Ochs for The New York Times

Mr. DelGaudio said that he never saw the message, which he said had landed in Facebook’s folder for messages from people outside his friend network. But his guard was up, and a few days after Mr. Meade’s visit, Mr. DelGaudio said, he spotted another person — recognized as a magician by an usher who had seen him at “a local magic hangout,” as Mr. DelGaudio put it — filming the show’s ending, and asked him to delete the footage.

Mr. DelGaudio, 33, is fiercely protective of his original material. But he said that he was also alarmed by what he saw as attempts to bottle “the capital-M magic” of a show intended to be an…

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