Guide to Basics of Snowboarding

More and more people turn to snowboarding each year, irrelevant of age or gender. Snowboarding has become in a way the modern version of skiing; it allows you the freedom of movement and expression on the slopes something that you can never achieve with skiing.

Learning Snowboarding

Most of the snowboarding enthusiasts are also surfers, skaters or windsurfers and for them snowboarding does not hold many mysteries but the fact that there is solid ground under the snow. However there are many beginners as well and some of them have never skied, surfed and windsurfed ever; for them and not only there are a few basics of snowboarding that you need to learn and follow no matter how professional you get.

The gear is one of the most important basics of snowboarding and it should consist of the following: a helmet to protect your head when you fall, and trust me, you will fall a few times; comfortable gear to you can move with ease but warm enough to keep your body warm in freezing temperatures, you can find professional snowboarding gear for rent or purchase in snowboarding resorts and last but not least professional snowboarding shoes which are not trainers.

If you get the basics of snowboarding right the first time it will stay with you always as a habit and later you will not feel right practicing snowboarding any other way therefore, take your time and get the first moves right. As a beginner learn snowboarding only with an instructor for he/she is the only one who will show you the basics of snowboarding right; anyone else will teach you snowboarding the way they practice and not the way it should be practiced.

Helpful Tips

While learning the basics of snowboarding take one step at a time, don’t rush into the dangerous slopes and moves just because it seems easy when others do the same. Snowboarding it not hard to grasp but it can be dangerous if you are not ready and are pushed into a high slope because you will panic and forget all the rules and regulations in a moment.

Try snowboarding first on the children slide where even if you fall you will not be injured, as the slopes are small and soft. Practice until you feel from within that you are ready and then still get on the higher slopes only with your instructors or someone experience that can be of some help in case it is needed.

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