Greenville police look to combat teen crime with parental charge


Greenville police have issued a warning as teenagers continue to get caught breaking into homes and cars. Officials say in a push to stop the crimes, they’re looking at charging the kids’ parents, as well.

“We’ve had a lot of teenagers breaking into cars,” said Lt. Joseph Disney, who oversees the department’s Investigations Division. “We’ve had a lot of teenagers breaking into houses. We even had one armed home invasion that was done by teenagers.”

In April, a resident on Grant Street heard a knock on his back door. When he answered, he found four men wearing masks and armed with a shotgun at the door. They forced their way inside the home and took a small amount of cash and the keys to his car. 

They then got into the victim’s vehicle and drove off. Officers were then called to the home and they notified investigations who responded to process the scene. Investigators were able to collect some useful evidence at the residence. 

The victim’s vehicle was located by officers about a mile away shortly after receiving the call. It was left in an abandoned lot. Officers processed it for evidence and then returned it to the victim. 

After a two month long investigation, all four suspects were identified and arrested using the evidence collected and information gathered. Three of the four are juveniles, two just 14 and the other 17, whom police have petitioned the court to charge as an adult. The fourth suspect is Chance Morris, 18, of Greenville. All four were charged with both robbery and burglary in the first degree.

In a separate case, investigations also solved several recent vehicle break-ins on Winkler Street and Parmer Street. The victims reported that their vehicles had items missing from them overnight while parked – unlocked – at their homes.

Investigators were able to identify and arrest the two suspects, who turned out to be male juveniles ages 14 and 16. They were both charged with two counts of…

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