Green Pest Solutions Participates in Career Day

Green Pest Solutions Presents at Southwest Leadership Academy Career Day

I can’t believe how many questions all those kids had. The students just couldn’t wait to put their hands up. I think we might have one or two future Green Pest Solutions employees in that bunch.

As adults looking back on our Elementary School days we tend to remember the special events our teachers and administrators organized over the day-to-day. While learning basic math and how to read and write were the building blocks of our elementary education, it’s often the field trips, assemblies, and special class room guests that stick in our heads all these years later. The Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School in Philadelphia hosted one of these memorable events, by organizing a career day for their students.

Green Pest Solutions, the largest locally owned and operated pest control professional servicing the Philadelphia tri-state region were on hand to teach the young students about various kinds of pests and what working in the pest control industry is like. Three members of the Green Pest Solutions team, Tim Clowney (Operations Manager), Jermaine Little (Service Manager), and Ben Schloss (Marketing Manager) made the trip down to West Philadelphia. Upon arriving at the school they were welcomed by the event organizers and taken to classroom with the rest of the day’s volunteers. Among some of the other career day volunteers were a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, and a firefighter. A 5th grade student escorted the Green Pest Solutions team to the classroom where they would present to the SWLA male students ranging from Kindergarten to 4th grade.

The 4th grade students were up first. Each of the 40 or so boys was dressed in their uniforms…

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