Greeks throw flour to forget woes

This is not a scene of war but a scene of festivity.
For centuries, residents of the Greek town Galaxidi have celebrated the end of Carnival by donning plastic suits and goggles to dodge the explosive power of baking flour.
Known as “Flour War” the aim is to throw as many colorful bombs at each other as possible.
While the tradition started out as means to defy Ottoman occupiers in the past, today it’s a welcome distraction from reality for participants who come from afar.
SOUNDBITE: Flour War Participant, Efi, saying (Greek)
“It’s an outburst, you let off steam. What else to do? If you are feeling downcast in Athens, the villages, anywhere with this [economic] crisis, you come here and let off steam.”
SOUNDBITE: Flour War Participant, Loukas, saying (Greek)
“The people are liberated, they are having fun, they feel free to celebrate as they want to and not…

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