Great Outside Toys for Children

When it comes to toys nothing can beat the outside variety. Not only can you get your kids out in the sun and fresh air but the choice of toys will keep them entertained all summer long even during the summer holiday. There is huge variety of choice in types of fun and price. Here are the most popular three.

RC Cars

Everyone remembers having a remote controlled car as a child. If you were anything like me then you will instantly see why they are still so popular. Whatever you had as a child trust me that today’s models beat them hands down. They are fast, turn quicker and are generally more powerful. With both electric and petrol models available your kids can have great fun although these are much better on driveways unless you get something with real power. While there are models like that available they are more expensive


Trampolines have been growing in popularity for some time and are now seen as one of the top things to have in your garden. What makes these so attractive is that for some unknown reason children love to jump. For the parents this gives the kids fun while getting the exercise they need not to mention some all important fresh air and sunshine.

The great thing about trampolines is that there is a design for everyone. Whether you are on a tight budget or are looking for the deluxe model there is something for everyone. Likewise there is a design for everyone with oval, round and rectangular so no matter what space you have in your garden you will find something to fit.

All in all the trampoline is and will continue to be one of the most popular toys with so many benefits this is the ideal toy for your garden.

Wooden Playhouses

For those with younger children the wooden playhouse is a great option. What makes them great is just like the trampoline there are models and designs for everyone. They are great for younger kids as all you really need is an imagination. The basic playhouse is small with a door, window and roof. These are affordable and great for the kid to play with. To your child the playhouse could be a space ship, a castle or even a secret den.

For those with both larger gardens and larger wallets there are even two storey playhouses which come with several windows, an internal ladder and even window boxes. They are truly deluxe and come with a nice price tag. They are well worth it though as your kids will truly love it and it is built to last.


Another of the great toys that are increasing in popularity is the scooter. These are another way for your child to get exercise. The difference between these and the other toys are that these can generally be taken anywhere. Children use them to go to school, the park or even to the shops. As a parent you should be warned that if the kid gets tired you will end up carrying it home.

So if you are truly interested in giving your children fun especially during the summer holidays then one of the above is the answer. Between them they solve all your…

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