Great Ocean Road Tours Australia Offers Multitude Of Visuals For Melbourne Tour

When vacationing in Australia, especially in the region of Melbourne, there are plenty of activities which need to be indulged in, by people, in order to justify their trips. These not only add flavour to the trips, but also allow tourists to visualise some of the best natural sceneries in the world. Among the various sightseeing places and monuments of touristic importance, the Great Ocean Road has been well known among the tourists. Travelling along this Road is in itself an experience and a trip to remember, where natural sceneries, water front, thick forests and resorts are visualised.

Various tour providers in Melbourne and other parts of Australia are providing the Great Ocean Road tour for the tourists, which can be in the form of Great Ocean Road bus tour or Great Ocean Road day tour. Tourists can also book packages to stay in the hotels and resorts found along the beaches close to the Great Ocean Road. Plenty of activities can be indulged in, when on the Great Ocean Road tours Australia, each having its own charm and significance.

*Great Ocean Road is a stretch of scenic most drives in Australia, extending for a distance of 243 kms, from Torquay to Warrnambool, the construction of which was started in 1919, as a memorial for the war returned soldiers, the completion of which occurred in 1932 and was opened to the public. The inauguration of the Road was done in 1932 by the then Lieutenant Governor, at a point where presently there is the Lorne Grand Hotel. The entry to the road is through a timber arch, which was destroyed many a times and the latest by a large wild fire. Great Ocean Road is also known by the names of Shipwreck Coast, Green Coast and the Surf Coast.

*Bells Beach is one of Australia’s most famous surfing coasts, where every year, thousands of surfers gather for challenging the large and tough waves and take part in the surfing competitions of national and international standards. While on the Great Ocean Road bus tour, people can get down at the Bells Beach and have the morning coffee or tea and devour some snacks for an exciting day ahead.

*Beaches are found in plenty, and those of Angelsea and Lorne are among the significant ones, where the surf and sand create a mystique ambience. People can get down at these places during the Great Ocean Road day tour and check various places for a few moments and then continue their journey further along the Great Ocean Road day trips.

*Along the way, a number of hotels and resorts as well as restaurants can be found which serve continental and local Australian cuisines, with various freshly caught and prepared sea foods. Tourists can find variety of delicacies, which are sure to give freshness to the trip.

*Otway’s Rainforest or Mait’s Rest is a guided walkway through the ancient, rare and cool temperate rainforest, comprising of tall trees all around. The freshness is sure to bewilder the already flabbergasted tourists.

*12 Apostles is among the wonders of the world, which are found standing starkly in the shores, along the Great Ocean Road and have been formed by the erosion of limestone.

*Loch Ard Gorge is a range of limestone cliffs, where the archway is a magnificent view, along with Razorback and Dumpling Pots. This is a place with lots of anecdotes and war time stories.

The entire duration of Great Ocean Road tour is full of beautiful visuals and sightseeing places, which would not be possible to be visited to the heart’s satisfaction, even after people tour the Great Ocean Road for more than a day. But still, the Great Ocean Road day tour is an effort to let the tourists have sightings of some of the most important, remarkable and significant places associated with the Great Ocean Road.

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