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Many cruisers who prefer sailing holidays have already had the experience of dinghies for instance, and they are eager to adapt to bigger boats such as yachts or charters. The advantage of such a change is the fact that you’ll no longer have to worry about everything on board such as maintenance, sailing and anchoring. The background is different, and since you’re on holiday, make the best of it from one end to the other. And last but not least there is also the possibility to book a whole-boat and enjoy the privacy of the cruise without having to share it with other people. The crew members are very discreet and you can relax and have fun in peace.

Sailing yachts is comfortable for anyone as there is usually a crew for each such boat, and you can be totally unaware of the maintenance issues of the vessel or you could get actively involved. This all depends on personal preferences and on the kind of activities you expect to enjoy aboard. Internet sites and travel agencies are the right places to search for sailing yachts vacations, with the mention that a third option here would be the hiring of a broker. Brokers are usually familiar with all sorts of yacht charters, they also have good information and knowledge of the companies that operate them, and are very competent at suggesting one holiday choice or another.

The life jacket must never be overlooked; check its condition together with the other safety gears before leaving the shore. The location of the life jacket must be somewhere very close within reach, and on bad weather conditions it should be worn permanently when on deck. The sailing gloves are one other sailing clothing item that deserves all the attention; the design is very special so as to protect the hands when handling the ropes and hoisting the sails. Their resistance to harsh weather conditions, tearing and over-wear is also of paramount importance. They will surely cost more than any other regular pair of gloves, but the money is worth paying.

Part of the booking procedure for the sailing vacations involves receiving a special confirmation package that you need to have with you in order to present it at the check in points of the sailing charter. Even when you book a boat for a more complex itinerary that includes several different destinations, make sure to pass the documents around together with the crew list in order for things to go smoothly. Most other travel tips you’d find online cover the main aspects of sailing vacations: clothes, sunscreen lotions, day packs to keep money and documents as well as the personal first-aid kit. Include these items on the to-do-list when preparing the details of sailing vacations.

There are lots of schools offering sailing lessons, how can one know which to choose? The crucial element for the appreciation of the sailing lessons quality is the time extent you spend on water. Teaching should be a constant natural process aboard a ship, meaning that every maneuver during sailing makes an opportunity for a trainee to learn something new. Sailing lessons must focus on drills preparing the would-be sailors for more unusual circumstances when the lack of experience has to be compensated for by the superiority of skills. Be prepared for anything! This should be the motto of schools teaching sailing lessons.

Land sailing is the sport practiced in a wheeled vehicle that is powered not by an engine but by the wind, by means of a sail. Both recreational and practical in functionality, land sailing has been practiced as a sport since the 50s; it is also known under the name of sand or land yachting, while the vehicle is called sail wagon or land yacht. This vehicle is normally three-wheeled, following the same concept of the sailboat, and the sailor/pilot sits or lies, changing position with the help of pedals and hand levers. What are the best locations to practice land sailing?

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