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Listen: The Associated Press’ economics team discusses the rise of women in “The Game of Thrones” in the latest episode of the audio show, “The Wealth of Westeros.”

WASHINGTON  — Westeros is no longer a man’s world.

Women are finally calling most of the shots during the seventh season of “Game of Thrones.” And if recent economic history is any guide, greater gender equality could help make everyone better off. In a peacetime economy, adding women workers increases the pace of growth. But in wartime, adding women workers is a competitive edge.

From her new perch in Dragonstone, Daenerys has gathered the three royal houses supporting her quest to become queen — with each house led by a fellow woman. Up north, Sansa will rule while her kinsman Jon Snow hits the road. Meanwhile in King’s Landing, Cersei is preparing for war with fierce shoulder pads and a giant crossbow in hopes of preserving her crown.

The Associated Press’ economics team discusses the rise of women in the latest episode of our audio show, “The Wealth of Westeros.” Stream it here.

It’s a sharp transformation for the HBO series that oozed testosterone in earlier seasons. Back then women were often the primary victims of men’s constant cruelties. But the ascent of women could be a huge positive for Westeros, just as it was for the U.S. economy. Equality among the sexes is about more than social justice — it’s often a source of prosperity.

Joining the AP on its latest episode is Neera Tanden, the president and chief executive of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank. Tanden is a major Game of Thrones fan and said that women sometimes have gotten “big strides” in economic and political rights during periods of crisis.

But the big question for Daenerys is whether she’ll decide to order her three dragons to destroy Cersei — an act seemingly in line with the men who were previously king. Daenerys’…

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