Future of market research and Market Research

Everyone talks about the market research business in India. How it can shape up in the future. The market research in India is having a bright prospect because of the competition among the marketers and manufacturers. There are a lot of companies coming in India to establish a business because of the huge potential in Indian market due to its consumption theory. So there are more requirements of Healthcare Research Services in India in coming days. But the future of the market research could restrict on the databases and social media. Most of the companies are today demanding for the databases of the target customers so that they directly approach them.

2013 will also be a year of vendor expansion. The Healthcare Research Services will continue to see many new vendor start-ups, with more from the Internet industry, but dropouts and consolidation will also continue.  Many of the newer companies do not adequately consider that research agencies and end clients often need and require a great deal of flexibility and integration to internal processes, and they do not have the necessary support structures in place yet. Perhaps this is among the best competitive advantages that longer-term industry players have right now. Also, as new product and solution launches require greater capital than ever before in the industry, it is now more difficult to get a start-up off the ground.  New vendors must find ways to shorten delivery cycles, specialize in new methodologies, further simplify and automate business process, and integrate to other data sources.

Growth rate of Smart phones and Tablets – Smart phones and Tablets will be used in greater proportion than desktop devices by consumers in 2013. Direct consumer communications and advertising via mobile devices will continue to grow rapidly and will often utilize social media and location-based services. High-margin revenue generation will occur in this segment of the marketing industry because of huge demand…

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