Future and past come together at new Kaiser Permanente Medical Office Building in La Habra – Orange County Register

When Kaiser Permanente’s new medical office building opens on Tuesday, Aug. 1, there will be a nod to the city’s past and the medical company’s future.

The 28,300-square-foot building on Imperial Highway in La Habra that representatives call a “high-technology office” is the first such facility to be built in Orange County.

It’s also the benchmark on how future Kaiser medical office buildings will look and be operated, said Jennifer Yang, the La Habra Medical Office Building manager.

“It’s going to be a learning curve,” Yang said. “We are trying every concept.”

Some of the concepts: being able to check in to an appointment from your smartphone 24 hours in advance, similar to checking in for a flight; self-service pay kiosks; and service representatives approaching customers as they walk into the building instead of a member standing in line waiting for a receptionist.

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