Fun, Physics, Driving, And Drones – A Reaction To The Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta

This past weekend was the open beta test for Ubisoft’s open world Ghost Recon: Wildlands and like a lot of open-world games, it’s filled with ragdoll physics and terrible driving. The physics thing has always been a problem with games this large, there’s always going to be places where things go a bit… wrong.

Wildlands is no exception to that rule, and I wouldn’t really expect it to be. You can casually glide your way down drops that should kill you if you manage to move in just the right way, you can call your car and have it drop down on top of your head, and you can crash your drone into things without making a single impact. All the usual open-world problems right?

If nothing else, the map is damn well rendered

And then there’s the driving. Maybe I’ve been spoiled a bit too much by playing a game that doesn’t trust you to drive your own car, but I was endlessly disappointed that I couldn’t have my AI squadmates drive for me. Because the one thing I…

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