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Millie West
Millie West has published two mystery/ romance novels since her retirement as a pilot and real estate agent in 2008. West says she always wanted to write, but her career and family commitments occupied her time until she decided to retire.

West’s life has had a diversity of interests, hobbies and occupations. She is a lover of South Carolina history, aviation, and enjoys hunting, fishing, and exploring the regions of South Carolina with her husband. She has a special interest in the low-country of South Carolina as demonstrated in her first two novels.

During her aviation career, West was a pilot for the USC Athletic Department, Sunbird Airlines, Orion Air, and she earned the distinction of being the first female pilot hired by UPS.

West also spent 16 years as a real estate broker and is the mother of two, a son, Mason, and daughter, Whitney. Her husband, also a pilot, works with American Airlines.

West’s first novel, The Cast Net , was published in 2012. It takes place in Edisto, S.C. She is currently rewriting The Cast Net to work further on character development and expand the character’s struggles into a trilogy of novels called The Southern Redemption Series. The Southern Redemption Series includes the three novels The Cast Net, Of Sun and Rain, and The Sun Seeker and will be released in the fall of 2017. West has also expanded the locations involved in the trilogy. The Southern Redemptions Series includes locations as diverse as Europe, Venezuela, and North Africa.

West’s most recent novel, Catherine’s Cross, takes place in Beaufort, S. C. The protagonist, Jenks, has found out her twin sister drowned in a diving accident in a Beaufort river. She moves into her sister’s house in Beaufort and begins solving the mystery of her twin sister’s death, finding much adventure, danger, and love along the way.

Many of the minor characters in Catherine’s Cross are based on people from West’s past. However, West also introduces…

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