Fox News Distances Itself From Controversial Swedish Guest

“I have never claimed to be a representative of, nor for, the Swedish Government — or any institution thereof. I always stated that I was an independent adviser,” he said. “Fox News was responsible for the title used — I think it was an unfortunate choice of words, but it is something they will need to answer for.”

Nils Bildt pÃ¥ Bill O’Reilly Factor Fox News Video by Johan H

During his appearance last week, Mr. Bildt told Mr. O’Reilly that issues he said are being caused by immigrants in Sweden were “not being openly and honestly discussed” because the country’s politics were too “liberal.”

“There is a problem with socially deviant activity,” he said. “There is a problem with crime. There is a problem with areas or hot spots of crime.”

Mr. Bildt may not be a Swedish defense and national security adviser, but crime is a topic he may know a thing or two…

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