Four Powerful Ways I Know God Exists

I couldn’t have been more surprised by something I heard coming from the backseat of our Dodge Caravan last Friday night. As the sun crept behind the Pennsylvania mountains, my four-year-old son, Carter, cried out, “It’s getting dark, and I’m afraid of the dark, Daddy! The monsters are coming out!”

At that moment, I was relieved my son couldn’t see my face in the rear-view mirror, because it was all I could do to keep from laughing.

“I will be delighted to debate you, but I have one condition. I’ll be here tomorrow with 100 people whose lives were once wretched — but now have been delivered by the grace of God.”

Monsters. My first thought was to wonder which kids television show had planted this idea in his mind. But then, like a good dad, I relieved my son’s fears by telling him there is no such thing as monsters. Instead, I explained the truth: God made everything — including the darkness — and even when it is dark God still…

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