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It will be an evening of psychedelic music, tie-dye and nostalgia in Laguna Woods VIllage on Saturday, July 29, when an expected 700-plus baby boomers will go back in time to the hippie days.

Although it won’t be exactly the same as the Woodstock Festival in 1969, people can expect to have the same feeling of camaraderie at Laguna Woodstock 2017, said Judy Okonski, event chair for the Laguna Woods Village Baby Boomers Club.

“It’s kind of cool because everybody comes together and appreciates whatever their perspective of what Woodstock is,” Okonski said. “Whether you dance or not, you really enjoy listen to the ‘60s music, which must be pretty good because people are still listening to it.”

For Nadine Asner, who went to the original Woodstock Festival while in high school, the only real difference is that there will be no mud or rain.

“I always look forward to the music and the camaraderie and just being together as a community,” Asner said. “Also, just to be out in the sun and listening to music and enjoying the company of each other.”

For $10, residents and non-residents are welcome to the festival, which kicks off at 4:30 p.m. with bands Full Spectrum and Love Saves the Day playing at an outdoor stage on the Clubhouse Two lawn. The festival is expected to end around 9 p.m., or “as long as we keep dancing and partying,” said Kathy Gaskins, a Baby Boomer Club board member.

“It’s going to very colorful, a lot of people dress up in hippie-looking costumes,” Gaskins said. “Then everyone’s out on the grass with their pop-ups and their umbrellas, so it’s very colorful.”

Festival goers can set up their umbrellas, chairs and blankets at 8:30 a.m. on the day of the event. There will be a barbecue with hamburgers and hotdogs for sale, free water inside Clubhouse Two and an air-conditioned break area that will be playing a movie about the original Woodstock Festival.

As everyone dresses up and remembers the “hippie days,”…

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