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The news cycle doesn’t sleep. And with stories constantly developing, one of the best ways to keep up is with your smartphone. Here’s how to follow the latest happenings with the apps already installed on your device, plus some third-party extras. By tweaking the settings, you can make sure you never miss a breaking news alert.

Whether your phone is powered by Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS software, it will have built-in tools for keeping you up to date on current affairs. You can also customize these apps to make sure you’re seeing the stories that matter most to you.

Android phones, depending on the make and model, may come with Google pre-installed. If your handset doesn’t, you can download the Android version of the app for free (of course, you can also get a free Google app for iOS). The app takes what the search engine knows about you—from past searches to your location—and uses that information to serve up story snippets and breaking news that it thinks will interest you.

On stock Android phones, such as the Nexus and Pixel handsets, you can swipe right from the home screen to get to the Google feed of stories. Otherwise, just run the Google app to see your feed. As you scroll, you can customize your experience by noting the stories you don’t care about: Swipe right on articles to dismiss them, or tap the three dots to tell the app you’re not interested in a particular topic. You can also take control over what you see, from celebrities to sports teams, in the app’s settings: Hit the menu button on the top left and then pick Customize.

To control notifications, open the menu again, and this time, select Settings. Next, tap Notifications, then Your feed. From here, you can choose what kinds of breaking news stories will generate an alert, or turn those notifications off altogether.

For iOS: Apple News

Over on iOS, the operating system’s baked-in news app is Apple News, which launched in 2015 and has updated several times since. More improvements…

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