FlowFound Virtual Reality Experiences Help Dealership and OEM’s Sell Cars

FlowFound’s Virtual Reality Kiosk

FlowFound will showcase industry leading automotive VR test drives emphasizing safety, performance and technical features for new vehicles. These experiences will be available for placement on digital platforms and displayed through customized kiosks at malls, events, stadiums and dealership service drives.

Attendees of Digital Dealer 23 in Las Vegas, NV can virtually test drive new model features such as launch mode, collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control and other capabilities that may be dangerous or difficult to explain during a physical test drive. Through FlowFound’s proprietary approach clients can then add to their website, social media, e-mail and mobile platforms.

“We felt it was important to compliment a dealership’s inherent benefits such as letting customers drive off the lot with an available car, receive service and feel how the vehicle rides,” stated Nick Cybela, CEO of FlowFound and previous head of digital for a national group of over 100 dealerships. “That’s why we provide experiences showing local places and real faces while highlighting the features customers might not be ready to try during the physical test drive. The key is to get them to get them excited about their upcoming sales experience at the dealership vs building something that may not be immediately available on-site.”

FlowFound’s unique approach focuses on delivering an approachable, branded experience that collects customer information and behaviors while integrating into existing CRM and analytics tools to inform sales teams of customers top in-market interests.

Focused on full immersion that moves beyond simple simulations, FlowFound provides compelling training and

education around…

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