Firefighters save museum artifacts | Boston Herald

The quick-thinking and aggressive response by Grafton firefighters helped save irreplaceable artifacts inside the State Police Museum and Learning Center after a fire broke out there late Saturday night, officials said.

“My firefighters made an aggressive attack, we had the fire under control,” said Grafton fire Chief Michael Gauthier. “We sent a second crew down to put salvage covers over their artifacts to try to protect as much of the property as we could.”

The fire started in a second-floor conference room after some oily rags disposed of by a work crew were improperly placed in a plastic bag with other materials and spontaneously combusted, according to state fire marshal Peter J. Ostroskey.

The building does not have fire alarms, though adding them to the building was part of the agenda for a meeting next week, state police spokesman David Procopio said. Grafton police initially responded when fire blasted through an upstairs window, triggering a burglar…

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