Finding the Right Transcription and Typing Service Provider

It is easy to find any company online that can offer its clients transcription and typing services.  The real challenge is to make a good choice!  This starts with having a clear understanding of the parameters that make a good transcriptions website which offers its clients professional transcription as well as word processing and typing services.  Grounding your expectations and balancing your requirements will help in making the final choice.

Does the transcription site catch your attention?

Call it artistic but a transcription website that literally dances and sings with lots of movement immediately captures the imagination while compelling the viewer to continue reading.  This is the equivalent action of shouting above the noise of the bidding crowd!  Bells and whistles are a subtle hint that this company pays attention to even the smallest details! With your attention now held you can start to further investigate what services are being offered.

Are they capable of receiving and converting your digital file formats to text?

In order to transcribe a file it must be handed over to the company in the file format that it was recorded.  There has been a worldwide increase in the use of multimedia files which are more complex because of the variety of data which is being stored.  The data comes in its original format as computer animations, video, audio, text, images and fonts.  The process of handing over the file to be worked on must be simple and seamless.  In addition, confidentiality must be assured. 

You should know the kind of digital file format that your soon-to-be transcribed file is stored and the ease and capacity for uploading.  From there you must determine whether the prospective company has the resources to handle the transcription of your particular file.  Not all recordings are clear and converting an audio file to a workable text document (audio to text) is sometimes a major hurdle when preparing accurate transcripts. 

How is unintelligible audio handled in the completed text document?

The portions of audio that contain crosstalk, are inaudible or just unintelligible quite often contain valuable information that can become lost because it is not inserted into the completed text.  A good audio to text transcription incorporates this portion of audio into the text so that the reader can listen for themselves and hear the original recording.  One of the popular advanced software tools named ListenLink™ is used by many of the transcriptions professionals to add value to their product.

Is the Pricing Competitive?

Paying for what you want is more pleasurable if the price can be set within a good budget!  For clients with large volumes of work, the amount of money that can be saved is notable if the price is right.

Is Transcription the only Typing Service being offered?

Having different companies providing similar services is unwise.  Any good transcription company has…

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