Film reviews round-up: 47 Metres Down, Girls Trip, Hounds of Love, The Wall

47 Metres Down (15)


Johannes Roberts, 87 mins, starring: Mandy Moore, Matthew Modine, Claire Holt, Yani Gellman, Santiago Segura, Chris J. Johnson

“Oh my god. It’s….huge!” one character exclaims in this very generic shark movie. It’s the Great White shark she is referring to although the line is delivered in a tongue in cheek way, as if a double entendre may well be intended.

We know we’re going to see blood right from the moment when sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) spill a glass of red wine in a swimming pool at their luxury Mexican hotel. They’re a bit bored, sitting by the pool and sunning themselves.

Lisa is still moping after her boyfriend split up from her on the grounds that she was too dull and unadventurous. The sisters need some excitement. Late night party going takes them only so far. When they’re offered the chance to go shark watching, that’s the ultimate bait.

47 Metres Down is competently enough made but suffers from a plot almost as rickety as the ancient cage in which the two sisters descend into the deep to view the sharks. Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine) is the Ahab/Robert Shaw-like type skippering the boat but you wouldn’t trust him with a toy boat in the bath, let alone a real one out at sea. His ship is decrepit in the extreme. He’s an ageing hippy type in a bandana who looks as battered and weatherbeaten as his ancient vessel.

This is a voyeuristic affair. It goes without saying that the object of our gaze isn’t the sharks at all. It’s the two women in their swimsuits. “It’s like going to the zoo except you’re the one in the cage” is how their underwater trip is presented to them.

The chain attaching the rusty old cage to the boat is brittle. It breaks and the sisters plummet “47 metres down.” Needless to say, Captain Taylor hasn’t made any meaningful provisions for rescuing them.

Captain Taylor may be a lousy sailor but at least he pumps the…

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