Fidget Spinner: Tools or Toys?

This is a fidget spinner. The concept is really quite simple, you use your pointer finger and thumb and then you flick. This is a toy that is said to help people who suffer from ADHD, Autism and even anxiety concentrate. But I sat down with Dr. Samuela Manages to get her professional opinion.

Dr. Samuela Manages says, “This is a toy, it’s a gadget and it’s not a treatment. Patients with stress, anxiety or ADHD, it actually does not help.”

A statement echoed by other medical professionals in the field, despite marketing claims that say otherwise. Dr. Manages says there’s no proof to validate these help with any type of disorder.

Dr. Manages says, “There have been claims that it helps with anxiety or kids with ADHD to help them focus, unfortunately those claims are not scientific backed.”

The fidget spinner has been around since the late 1990’s but it made its way back to consumers in full force this spring. Despite the medical debate, local stores have been struggling to keep them on the shelves.

Kirk Cyr says, “They are the hottest item since the silly bands.”

Cyr laughs as he says he’s been selling these toys 3 or 4 at a time and gets about 15 phone calls a day from people asking about them.

Kirk Cyr says, “we sell a lot of these fidget spinners for kids to release stress, for fun, for amusement for entertainment and for kids or parents who are fidgety.”

And now this toy has made it into the classroom and teachers and faculty member are divided on the topic

Dr. Manages says, “Since this has been out we’ve had issues as far as having distractions in the classroom.”

I have reached out to several schools here in the county to see if this…

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