Father-Daughter Relationships Influence A Woman’s View of God: Three Things Women Need


There are three things women need from their earthly father to have a healthy relationship with God.

1. Approval and affirmation of who she is. A woman longs to be accepted for who she is by her father. She needs his approval, affirmation, and adoration. She longs to be special and told she is beautiful. She wants this without having to earn it, but if she doesn’t get it, she will seek to earn it. When she has been approved and affirmed by her earthly father no matter what she does or doesn’t do, she will be able to approach God with the confidence that he loves and accepts her unconditionally. Without the approval and affirmation from her earthly father, she will approach God from the standpoint of having to work to earn his favor. She will not be able to accept that she is worthy of God’s love simply because he loves her. She will believe she has lost favor with God when she makes mistakes and she will also be convinced that God expects her to do many things to prove her…

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