Fairmont School of Martial Arts promotes education, discipline, confidence, Fox: ‘That’s what I preach to them all the time’ | News

Devoting nearly her entire life to the practice of martial arts, Lacey Fox always knew she wanted to share her training with others.

That’s why, nearly three years ago, she started the Fairmont School of Martial Arts, accepting students of all ages and creeds. She was inspired to open the dojo to help children in need.

“You see kids on the street, very young kids,” Fox said. “I wouldn’t even think about letting my child outside to get the mail at that age by themselves without supervision. They’re running in the streets and getting into things that no kids should be involved in. I wanted a place for them to come. A safe one for them. Somewhere that they could come and learn things about martial arts, but more importantly, about life.”

Fox started training when she was 5 years old and has since worked her way up the ladder, most recently obtaining a third-degree black belt. Fox said that in martial arts, discipline is the key to success.

“I definitely don’t start them out by saying ‘Okay, here’s how to punch somebody,’ because they don’t learn anything behind that,” Fox said. “

In fact, Fox takes discipline in her students very seriously, factoring criteria from her students’ outside life into the dojo.

“If kids are getting bad grades, they come to my dojo and they do homework,” Fox said. “They don’t do class… Karate is great. It’s fantastic, but you have to have the education, as well, and that comes before anything. That’s what I preach to them all the time.”

Another important factor in the dojo is self-defense, which Fox said is prioritized over offensive moves, a philosophy tied back to discipline in martial arts.

“I don’t want them to go out and look for any type of altercations with anyone, but I also don’t want them to become a victim,” Fox said. “With bullying and all of the things going on now, it’s gotten a lot worse, and I think that’s because a lot of people have gotten really, really soft. I train them to be confident, but to also be humble.”

Located in the Middletown Mall, The Fairmont School for Martial Arts recently moved into the former offices of the Department of Health and Human Resources. Fox said that the location is a huge improvement over the school’s original dojo, and the school can now comfortably fit its 55 students.

Over the weekend, several of the school’s students competed in a tournament in Grafton, and brought home quite a few awards.

“Our kids did extremely well,” Fox said. “Everything went great… I actually have a competition team, and they go all around and compete in these tournaments.”

Fox is helped at the dojo by her fellow sensei, Erik Stevens and Larissa…

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