F.C. Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu on Touring, Taxes and a Potential Neymar Transfer

Q. So why did you agree?

A. Because at the end, this is a good business for both teams.

Q. Will this become a regular thing?

A. Yes. We will repeat it in the future. Not probably next year, but in two years’ time, why not?

Q. How do you think the team will look differently this year under Ernesto Valverde?

A. This is interesting. Every time there is a new manager in a club like us, you have opportunities, new ideas. Ernesto is a very intelligent manager. He knows, and he feels completely the way we think about football, about how we realize we have to play. And he was a former player a long time ago, which means that he knows the club perfectly.

So what do we expect? We expect, well, a new atmosphere in the club, and a little evolution on our football.

Q. What is that evolution?

A. In the last two years our rivals learned a lot, and they know how to play against us. And that’s why, probably, we didn’t win everything. We have very good players, but we didn’t win everything. So Valverde will bring these new ideas with a little evolution. We know where the weak part of our game is right now; he will work those weak parts.

Q. Barcelona has opened a handful of academies in the United States this year. What are the differences between the academy models Barcelona is undertaking here and the club’s main academy, La Masia, in Spain?

A. We have one school model: the academy, the scholars. They work the same all over the world, in different languages. What we do, really, is to teach people from 6 to 14 years old to play soccer, to play football, in our way of playing. That’s what we do.

Then we have something different. Long Island is different, it is owned by us. Arizona is different.

Q. Different than Long Island?

The difference between the one in Arizona and the rest is Arizona is really a partnership with the people there, and with the people that will receive a scholarship there, and they will learn…

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