ExtensionEngine Selected by Year Up to Develop Blended Learning Offering

ExtensionEngine, a leading provider of Custom Learning Experiences, announced it was selected by Year Up, a national non-profit workforce development program, to develop a blended learning service to accelerate the program’s success in helping low-income young adults move from poverty to professional careers.

Year Up provides young adults (ages 18-24, without college degrees) with a combination of hands-on technical and professional skills development, college credits, corporate internships, and wraparound support. Students specialize in one of five technical skill tracks – information technology, business operations, financial operations, sales and customer support, and software development.

ExtensionEngine is working with Year Up to modularize its current program of six months of training and six months of internship experience into individual components. Such components can be used by a variety of partners to deliver powerful training and support. ExtensionEngine will provide support with course development, instructional design, learning platform development and more.

“Millions of young adults have talent and motivation, but lack opportunity. At the same time, many companies have employment opportunities, but lack the talent to drive growth. This initiative helps us to match talent with opportunity at a much larger scale,” said Caitlin MacDonald, Senior Director of Innovation, Year Up. “ExtensionEngine has a proven track record of helping organizations scale unique learning programs such as ours through technology, allowing us to reach more young people and have a greater impact.”

ExtensionEngine takes a comprehensive approach to developing online and blended custom learning experiences. Unlike traditional learning management…

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