Eric Greitens Did Not Address ‘Women of Power’ Lunch — Declined Invite (UPDATE)

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Update at 5:20 p.m.

Governor Eric Greitens did not, in fact, speak at the National Urban League’s Women of Power luncheon today. He was invited to do so, but spokesman Parker Briden tells us he declined the invitation on July 13.

No word on why the national organization continues to list the governor as a speaker for the awards luncheon — an action that triggered pushback from some pro-choice women.

We regret stating Greitens’ attendance as fact in our earlier post. Please see our editor’s note below.

Original story follows ….

Talk about awkward timing.

Yesterday, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed into law harsh new restrictions on abortion, thus pissing off a whole bunch of women who consider reproductive choice to be a civil right.

Today Greitens will be was listed as a key speaker at a women-focused awards luncheon hosted by a national civil rights group.

The National Urban League, which is holding its annual conference in St. Louis this week, has Greitens listed as addressing today’s “Women of Power” awards luncheon. Just how much whiplash could that generate for attendees? Well, let’s just say the speakers at last year’s luncheon included Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood.

For the many female office holders and Democratic Party power players at the luncheon, it won’t be only that Greitens signed the bill, which advocates say will effectively stop Planned Parenthood from opening abortion clinics in the state other than the one that’s…

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