Environment Canada issues heat warning for most of Alberta – Edmonton

It’s another hot day in Edmonton, and Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for most parts of Alberta, including Edmonton.

Temperatures in the city are expected to rise close to or above 29 C during the day, and won’t dip below 14 C overnight.

At the Taste of Edmonton food festival, vendors are doing what they can to stay cool as the sun heats up their tents and food trucks. Many of them have fans blowing in their booths to provide a small reprieve from the high temperatures.

Jordan Smith, manager of Packrat Louie Kitchen & Bar, said festival staff are drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. He guessed they are drinking about 150 bottles of water a day altogether.

People were jumping in the City Hall fountains on Thursday to cool off from the heat. (CBC)

“I’ve seen more than a few people leave their tents and go jump in the [city hall] fountains,” said Smith. “Two of my staff did it yesterday. They came prepared; they had swimsuits on underneath so they went over there and took a 30-minute swim.”

Smith said it’s hot no matter where he stands in his tent with the intense heat coming off the stove that’s cooking food all day. On Wednesday, their thermometer said it was around 40 C in there, he said.

“I’ve seen some people dumping ice buckets over their heads almost like the ice bucket challenge but not a challenge, just to try to stay cool,” said Smith.

The sunny weather is bringing people out in droves to the food festival, and the business is great for stands like Lemon Heaven.

“There’s going to be a lot of people wanting to drink lemonade,” said Emmanel Nnamani from inside the tent.

He said it’s tempting for the staff to drink the lemonade themselves to cool off.

Jordan Smith said temperatures are high in the Packrat Louie tent where they’re cooking food for Taste of Edmonton. (CBC)

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