Enemies On Your Dressing Table

Your brushes, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner pencils, and even the eye drop may become the friends of bacteria if you don’t know how to keep them clean.



Lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliner pencils


Lipsticks, mascaras and other makeup tools also bring many kinds of bacteria. Sharing cosmetics or rarely using cosmetic would make them easier to be unhygienic.



Every kind of cosmetic has its own expiration date


Every kind of cosmetic has its own expiration date. Normally, mascara and eyeliner can be used within 6 months, while lipsticks, foundation or finishing powder has expiration date within 2 years. 


Makeup Brushes


Bacteria on your face skin, superfluous makeup powder, along with dust in your room would easily stick on your damp brushes. Moreover, many girls often leave their brushes on dressing tables or even in the handbags. Therefore, makeup brushes would be a place for bacteria.



They should be put into a nylon bag or makeup case to…

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